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Career Confusion – It’s okay!


How to find passion, purpose, OH and make money!!

If you are lucky enough to know what you want to do than kudos and I absolutely love that you have found passion meets purpose!
For those of you who haven’t just yet or have a job and it’s not exactly what you want to do. Guess what?
Its okay!!

When i had finished high school, i had an exact vision of what i wanted to do. I remember at 14 as a check out chick i would tell
the customers my EXACT plans. Let me tell you, fast forward 8 years later. Things didn’t exactly go to plan!

Whether you are coming from University and regret your degree – DON’T. Because achieving a degree in itself is an achievement.
If you have received a promotion in a job you only semi-like… It’s an achievement.
If you finally take the leap and start applying for roles you THINK you aren’t qualified for, It’s an achievement. Celebrate this and don’t
stop searching for your passion.

Because it’s okay, a lot of us don’t work in a role that serves our passion. Find other ways to feed your soul – create things after hours.
Build an online presence in a field you love, find inspiration around you an explore this! May it be property, fashion, fitness, food, volunteering… to which
hopefully you can one day make money from it!

Sometimes as well… it may take a few careers to find your complete purpose… sometimes you may just be lucky to just fall into it.
It took me 10 years, a lot of courage and a lot of jobs to find my passion. Which in turn is being an Entrepreneur! And let me tell you I am still only the beginning of this passion and purpose!

It’s okay too if your passions CHANGE throughout your career. In this day in age, it is a well known fact that we have over 4 careers in our life-span. So own it! One day you may be a real estate agent… the next… a recruiter…. then the next a founder of an online company.

So i dare you to seek your passion, i promise you! It’s worth it!

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