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Morgan Spencer










Morgan Spencer is Founder and Director of South Australia’s Leading Social Media and Public Relations agency Martini Mondays!

Morgan’s passion lies within teaching entrepreneurs and small companies marketing and PR strategies to help grow their businesses.

Her experience lies within the lifestyle, tech and startup space and has clients in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Bali.

Morgan has secured media coverage in the following publications: The Collective, Startup Daily, Good Food, Delicious, Virgin Magazine and more!

In her ‘spare-time’ she collaborates with other entrepreneurs on exciting projects and new business ventures; as well as supporting local businesses in attending events and networking!


Read our interview below:

Martini Mondays! What a fabulous name! When and how did you come up with the drive and motivation to start your own PR firm?

Thank you!

I remember when I was about 14, my dad who is also an entrepreneur said to me. “You can either work for the boss, or you can be the boss, which would you prefer?”. Ever since that moment, the desire to work for myself, create something meaningful and build a business that I am passionate about has always been there.

I was working in Sydney full time as a Social Media Manager and I was doing freelance PR on the side. Through freelancing, I realised that there was a market for affordable PR and social media services and before I knew it, I started a business and since that day I have worked with 13 clients across Australia.


Public Relations is a very people oriented industry. What would be the top attributes you would look for when hiring people to work for you?

Absolutely, people skills are a must! As a PR professional you need to be able to engage with people on every level, regardless of personal insights; at the very least you need to be friendly, professional and considerate.

PR is hard work, there is no doubt about it. While there are skills that are important to get the job done and keep the client happy, it’s also important that you have the right personality and enjoy it. I have had a few interns work with me and after their first day, I know whether or not they are cut out for working in a PR agency.

Drive, determination, resilience and hard work are all important traits; from being able to jump in the deep end and be creative, to picking up the phone and pitching to media, rather than waiting for them to get back to you. Also, willingness to learn and think quickly on your feet as well as, being transient in your approach to everything are also vital and traits that I would look for in up-and-coming professionals; with an industry that is so fast-paced in nature, it’s not for the faint-hearted.

Was it a natural progression to start your own company? What is your background and story?

For me, it wasn’t an immediate transition; originally I was working in an agency in Syndey, as well as juggling 30+ hours of freelance work a week. This was such a hectic time for me and I still remember being hesitant to make the leap between what was definite income, and what I was truly passionate about. In those last months, I was headhunted for a position in Sydney and I just had no desire to even go to the interview, let alone take the job.

Eventually, my passion won and I made the transition; as I was already used to working remotely, without the resources of a big company, I felt that I had nothing to lose, if it didn’t work out I could always go back to corporate and get a job! Although, I think in the back of my head that’s probably why I have worked so hard. I don’t really believe in backup plans so I made sure that the business would work!

I haven’t looked back since so I definitely know I have made the right decision. I do miss having more free time and personal income, but in the grand scheme of things, these are all very small sacrifices that will lead to happiness for me in the long-run. so I am happy to miss out on things now and reap the benefits in the next few years.



How have you found the transition from Full Time work to Business Owner, your advice for any young ladies itching to take the leap?

As I mentioned before, my workload was quite substantial before making the switch, so luckily I was prepared for the huge amount of work that being a business owner includes. I think if I had have just decided to quit an easy-cushy job and start my own business, I would have been in for a rude shock; you need to be a master of so many different aspects when you own a business, you can’t just be a specialist of one thing!

If you are considering taking the leap, I would encourage people to test the waters and the market and see if there is potential for your business idea to grow into a substantial business. I don’t really believe in side hustles if you want to grow, as soon as you are in a position to leap into entrepreneurship, just do it!


In some industries, education is KEY. What is your background and do you recommend it for PR?

I have a degree in Business (Marketing) and Public Relations from UniSA and am a PRIA (Public Relations Institute of Australia) councillor which is the governing body for PR professionals in Australia.

I also studied social media in America at Minnesota State University where I was a PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) student ambassador which involved many exciting opportunities.

Education is increasingly important in PR – not only is the industry highly competitive but a communications degree gives you the knowledge and skills required to be a kick-ass comms professional!

Having said that, practical experience is also vital, I highly recommend anyone interested in the industry to gain valuable experience, not just to acquire hands-on skills but to discover what areas they enjoy about PR.


What do you LOVE LOVE LOVE about being an Entrepre-Her? Any throw in the towel moments?


“The reality is business is hard,

but the rewards are far greater.”


Seeing my idea thrive into a sustainable business; working with brands that I am passionate about and seeing their businesses thrive; having the drive and determination to create great campaigns for my clients and innovative projects to shake the traditional industry; as well as backing myself completely, these are all things that spell success, to me.

Success for everyone is different, but seeing a freelance business transform into an agency with the ability to now focus on different areas of the business, is so rewarding for me and exactly what drives my love and my passion for business.

Sure, there are plenty of throw in the towel moments, but business is business, and it drives every part of me. Without my business I wouldn’t be the person I am today and I wouldn’t have the great things in my life that it has allowed me to gain; so no matter how hard it can be and at times overwhelming, every part of this journey is worth it.


Technology has been a huge game changer in your industry. What technologies do you use to keep on top of social marketing AND run a business?

Technology is brilliant! I’m a sucker for business apps and they make my life so much easier! I can’t imagine how hard it would be to do business without all the great apps we have access to now. Seriously, every time I hear about a new app, I have to try it out. I could not run my business or manage social media without technology.

Excel and manual invoicing are so 2010!

There are so many apps that I love! My favourites are Xero for invoicing and bookkeeping, Asana, Slack and Harvest for team and time management, Calendly and Aquity for diary management, Grammarly for proofreading, and Boomerang to schedule emails. Call me crazy, but I schedule a lot of my emails that go to media, I spend time creating them at night to free up time during the day!

There are so many great social media applications out there! It’s about finding one that suits you and your business needs. I use Sprout Social, Iconosquare, Mention and Meltwater for reporting. Buffer, Grum and Plann for scheduling and Hootsuite for community management.

For design, I use InDesign, Canva and Photoshop, though you do need to have the skills to do it properly! Plus I use Google docs and dropbox for everything else!

As an entrepreneur it is crucial to have a Unique Selling Point. How did Martini Mondays create theirs!?

Absolutely, otherwise, who would buy your services?

My business name is all part of my marketing. When the business started I wanted to make sure the name stood out and attracted people’s attention and also told a little story about who we are. There are SO many agencies out there that have PR, comms and social in their name and to me, that’s less engaging and doesn’t fit the personality I wanted my business to have!

We are all about being fun, creative and professional at Martini Mondays and you attract what you portray!


Your top 3 sacrifices as a business owner?

Time, money, lifestyle.

Time – Let’s face it, owning a business means you’re accountable for every aspect and if you want your business to grow it’s up to you to put in the hard work; in reality, you’re working more hours than there are in a day. Spare time is a thing of the past for me, idle time is wasted time! However, this has helped me to learn to spend time on things that are actually important to me and with people who make me happy and add value to my life and my business.
Money – As an entrepreneur, I am exceptionally careful with my money and time. There is honest truth in that saying ‘time is money and money is time’. When your decisions directly affect your business you learn to be more realistic about things that do not add value to the business or your life. Having jumped in feet first I’ve invested every cent and second into my business and it’s a matter of not being able to buy that ‘really cute sweater’ on a whim. Sure you need to treat yo’self, I do believe in the need for a balance between work and life, but sometimes you just need to work out the difference between what you want and what you need.
Lifestyle – Whilst business and lifestyle are separate, having less spare time enables me to ask the question, “Will this add value to my life and will it make me happy?”; because of this I have learnt to spend my time and energy on things that will help me grow as a person. Your lifestyle is such an important aspect of happiness and it is so easy for people to spend time on areas, or with people that don’t add value to their lives. So whilst this third one is a sacrifice, it’s definitely something I’m glad of and would encourage most people regardless of their work to really assess their situation and happiness.


MARTINI MONDAY 2017 Goals are…….

As always our goals are to continue growing the business, and provide kick-ass content for all our martini loving clients!
We do have some really exciting things in the making this year, but in the spirit of intrigue and mystery, you’ll have to keep your eyes on our space over the next few months!

Thank you so much Morgan for your time. If you are EVER after PR or digital marketing for your company reach out to Morgan at:

Now….. time for a martini! 😉

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