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How to follow up on all contacts without coming across shy, desperate or even pushy!

Sending a message

Hi Ladies! This week i will be explaining how to follow up on all your job applications! It’s crucial you do this because as you have probably been experiencing – its a tough gig out there, competition is high! So read below for some tips on the interview process.

If you are still in the job search process, it is extremely important to follow up on all contacts. Although I’m sure hopeful, it’s not necessarily good to just sit and wait for results to come pouring in when you think that you’ve already done your part because your contact information has been distributed. Trust me, to put it bluntly, you are not the only CV the employer has received. Imagine your CV has been put in a pile (harsh but true) with CV among CV piling on top… so unless you are telepathically channeling them to call you, why not pick up the phone?

Introduce yourself
The reason for your call
Reassure them of your keenness for the position
And how you hope to hear from them!

That simple!

It will give you that extra edge. They will remember you and most importantly they will think of your professionalism and eagerness to interview.

So now you have the interview! Great, Yay!

Now, imagine two prospective employees applying for a prime position at a company. After the interview, the first applicant just sits around waiting to hear from his prospective employer.

On the other hand, the second applicant distributes her contact information to some people that she met in the company, prior and post interview. Furthermore, applicant number two does a follow-up on the results of the job interview a few days later. The first applicant has not been heard from, because she just relies on the basic “We’ll call you” routine. Who do you think will have a greater chance of getting the job?

If you are still waiting for that job offer and you do not follow up on your contacts, your chances of getting hired become slimmer. In business, following up on all of your contacts is a sure-fire way to spread the word about you, your business sense and expanding your horizons.

If you are still looking for a job, here are some tips on how to follow up on your contacts:


* Make sure you get their business card and send a thank you email right after the interview or, if you want to re-jig their memory ideally after a day but not longer then 2 days. This is a way of getting the prospective employer to hear from you again. Should you not get hired for the current position that they offer, someone from that company will likely keep your information on file for future consideration.

If you do not get that job but have your heart set on that company. Thank them anyway and stress you are still interested in the company whether it be another sector or position (or even a lower position – hey you have to start somewhere!) Now on that note, if you have made a great impression at your interview – know they will vouch for you to the new interviewer.

* Make sure that your CV clearly states your mobile and landline number (if you even have one – I know I don’t!? Haha), e-mail address and home address so that prospective employers will have no excuse of not getting in touch with you.

* Be accurate in getting the contact information of perspective employers. In return, when you place their information on any cover letter that you send out (i.e. resumes, thank you notes) avoid typographical errors and make sure that you have their names correct, to see to it that everything is in order.

* Some companies do take a look at your character references so alert the people on your list that they might receive a call from your prospective employers. Although this is a breach of privacy if they do call prior to your permission – just communicate this with your referees.

* Always be on the positive side. Should you not get hired for a particular position, you may ask the people from that company for referrals to other companies or at least keep you in mind for future hiring.

Good luck, go forth and interview, don’t feel deflated if you DON’T hear back, remember everything happens for a reason! But follow this steps, to cover your back, stay professional and remember to STAY POSITIVE!!


Xoxo Elise

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