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The start of the year… a great time for transitioning


How do you transition? From outside your comfort zone? You may have been procrastinating, biting that lip, visualising what life is like on the other side…. plotting and planning… for months now. Maybe even years and guess what the answer is?

Just. Do. It!

What’s that I hear? mortgage…. rent…. car payments… credit cards… heck i just need to survive! Is that what you are saying? Nope… to me they sound like excuses!

Maybe you feel like you have outgrown your job? Become complacent? There’s literally just NO ROOM to groove… I mean move. Hehe.

Sure the people are fabulous… or the pay is great…. Or it’s even just convenient. Well when you are personally ready to move on. You just know. So, how do we move from one job, company or business idea to a next without doubt?

Here are my top tips to transition.

How to know you are done?

1) You are not challenged anymore and are craving to learn something – ANYTHING new!

2) You feel your skills could be better utilised elsewhere

3) Your sub-consciousness, desires and passions are pointing you in a different direction

4) You simply don’t feel comfortable in the situation you are currently in.


And guess what? It’s okay to have these feelings! We have ALL been there! Now you know you want to close chapter and start a new one. But you’re afraid or just don’t know where to start? Whether it be shifting jobs, shifting companies or starting your own business. These rules apply to you:

1) Do your research. Do you know the amount of access now to company data? Google the internet, look for reviews. See how often they hire… top tip: high turnover could be a huge indication of company culture (or lack-there-of)

2) Ask around – ask the people who know you best what they think. You can never be short of advice. Your true friends and family will tell you what you are good at. (Sometimes though, these same people WILL doubt you, oh and voice it – let’s not listen to them  😉 )

3) Network network network – join meet ups, company information nights, career nights, study nights, entrepreneurial groups….. what ever surrounds your passions, there are 1000’s other people with the same passions.

4) Don’t for any reason be unprofessional in the break up process! However horrendous your job was (yup we have all been there) don’t turn the resignation into a negative process. Be professional, be amiable  and always ask for a reference! (You earned it!)

5) Take some time off! EVERYONE deserves a holiday. Even you! Unwind and recharge the batteries. I’m an avid believer of this. It does wonders for the mind, body and soul.

I’ve recently been watching this season of the celebrity apprentice and Arnold Schwarzenegger is the host. For obvious reasons. I started going into a daydream of how he an Austrian body builder, somehow made his way to HOLLYWOOD…. And then on top of this to everyone’s mis-belief, Governor of California.

So when you put into context how far people have come or can go…. you too can transition into your next gig. Sure it will take some biting of the bullets, but put yourself out there and you’ll be surprised what you get in return. Just as I have transitioned from full time work in the corporate world, I now run a successful online job search site for you! (more on my process of fear and self-doubt later on down the track)


and so if you’re ever having doubts on the transition process….


Just think of Arnold.


I’ll be back!

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