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Will the real YOU please stand up!


Hey girls, so this week I have been talking a bit with candidates, colleagues and friends about the art of authenticity. In suchhh a media friendzy world, authenticity is quite rare. How amazing is it when you connect with like-minded people on matters that are important to you? And I’m not talking about old friends, but new people. Do you know how good that feels?

That’s because you are being your authentic self and that is shining through! Now lets mold that into a business or interview sense.

When you are literally giving ‘by-the-book’ answers to your interviewee… you come across, stale, staged and yawn boring.

How about throwing some humor in there? Maybe some witt? Passion? Slight opinion? That shows you are mighty passionate about your cause and most importantly YOUR WHY!

Why are you here?

Why do you want the job?

Why should we hire you?

What makes YOU SPECIAL? We all got it girl!

I literally once winked in my interview (OKAY WHO THE HECK DOES THAT!?) I cringe now, but hey, I got the job. I don’t however advise it. I was 19, young and a wee bit excited for my ‘dream job.’

However I preach to remain TRUE to being AUTHENTIC.

In sales

In business

In meetings

In the workplace

Being authentic cuts out all the bull! And by BULL I mean BULL-YING (more on that topic later!) It produces real results and most importantly STRONG RELATIONSHIPS. THE KEY AND ART to SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS!

As mentioned before with all the sales funnels, 6 figure income adds, get rich quick, online marketing strategists and sales pitches (yawn.) We have forgotten how to be authentic.

Do it, I dare you!


And see what happens!

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